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Our Wildlife Talks in 2017

Scotnature is giving a series of talks about our travels and favourite tours at a number of venues in Scotland in the second half of 2017.  Please feel free to come and join us to experience our adventures.   For more details please look at the websites of individual hosts:  

1. “Wildlife adventures worldwide”

- Kiltarlity Camera Club in the north-western Scotland on 7 November  

2. "Wildlife adventures worldwide"

- Dundee Photographic Society in the eastern coast of Scotland on 6 November  

3. "Wildlife adventure in Brazil"

- Camera Club in Forres in the Highlands of Scotland on 21 September  

4. "Wildlife adventures south of the equator"

- Culloden/Inverness Rotary Club in the Highlands of Scotland on 19 September  

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Chestnut-eared Aracari

European Bizon in Poland

Southern Right Whale in South Africa