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Workshop on Scottish Crossbill Itinerary


You will be collected from the airport, train or bus station and transported to our accommodation on the outskirts of Inverness (if you are coming by car, you will be given instructions how to get there).  The workshop starts at 18:00 with an evening meal.  After our dinner, Ron Summers will give us a short talk and unravel some mysteries of crossbills in Scotland. 


In the morning, after breakfast, we will go crossbill hunting to two forests in the Ross-shire.   Ron is familiar with the distribution of all three species of Crossbills in Scotland and the focus today will be on seeing and recording the calls of Common and Scottish Crossbills.  We will break for a scrumptious lunch in a restaurant with a lovely view over the shores of the Moray Firth. 

After lunch, we will continue our search for crossbills and move to another forest south of Inverness, where chances of seeing and recording Common and Scottish Crossbills are high.

We will come back to our hotel in late afternoon for an evening meal.  After the meal, we will print the sonograms of the birds we had recorded during the day and discuss their diagnostic features.


In the morning, we will travel to Strathspey to continue our crossbill hunting in the forest, which sometimes hosts all three species of crossbills.  This will give us the best chance to encounter Parrot Crossbills.  We will break for lunch at 13:00.  After lunch, we will print and analyze sonograms of the birds recorded in the morning. 

The workshops concludes at 16:00.  You will receive an information pack with the details regarding identification of all three species of crossbills in Scotland.

You will be able to catch the public transport at Avimore or come back with us to Inverness and continue your journey from here. 

During the workshop, although our emphasis is on crossbills, other species of forest birds will be possible to view, including Coal and Crested Tits, with chances of also seeing Red Kite and Red Squirrel. 


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Male Scottish Crossbill

Female Scottish Crossbill

Male Scottish Crossbill

Female Scottish Crossbill