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Wildlife Photographs

Welcome to ScotNature

ScotNature is a small, independent company offering a range of birdwatching, wildlife and nature photography tours in Scotland and in selected destinations elsewhere.

Based in Inverness, the capital of Highlands, and having 20-years of experience in birding and wildlife watching in Scotland, the company aim is to share with you the passion for Scottish wildlife and show you some of the hidden treasures of the Scottish countryside. Our advantage is our central location in the Highlands, giving us easy access to all the spectacular attractions of Scotland. We have grown steadily over the years and expanded to locations in mainland Europe and Africa.

As well as providing comprehensive itineraries, we also cater for custom-made tours. In fact, some of new destinations, to which ScotNature runs tours now on a regular basis, were initiated on request. As well as offering tours to individuals, the company also caters for organised groups and societies and has led successful tours for RSPB staff, ecologists from the Forestry Commission, a group of mycologists and groups of friends.


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